Job seekers need insights about their resumes, interviews, and the job search process more than ever these days. Your group can learn with job search presentations from a nationally known recruiter and career consultant who works on both sides of the aisle. Shira began her career as a recruiter specializing in executive and professional search for associations, nonprofits, and corporations. After more than 17 successful years as a search consultant, Shira decided to follow her passion and begin working directly with clients in need of career consulting / coaching as well. If you belong to a job search group in the Washington DC area, invite Shira to deliver presentations to your group and benefit from her extensive knowledge base, unfailing optimism, and dynamic style.

Presentation testimonial from a Job Seeker Support Group Program Coordinator

“Shira Harrington is a regular speaker at 40Plus of Greater DC. She has spoken about how to create a stand-out, eye-catching, content rich resume that will capture head-hunters’ and employers’ attention as well as how to approach a job interview from the employer’s perspective. She was insightful, thoughtful, and strategic. Despite a fire alarm in the middle of her presentation, she kept her cool and was willing to talk longer to make up for the lost time. Shira was attentive to questions providing personalized answers while still staying on track (both in time and content) with her presentation. She reorganized her schedule to stay late and to speak one-on-one with our guests who are going through career transitions in this tight economy. I highly recommend her as a speaker and a recruiter. She is very engaging and clearly passionate about what she does.”

Giovanni Cappelletti

Presentations for Job Seekers

Following are videos for the presentations described below. Please note: due to space limitations, each video was edited into multiple parts.

Discover your Calling…Not Just Your Career!

Got Branding? Make Your Candidacy POP!

Resumes That Land in the “A” Pile

Using LinkedIn Like a Pro

Interviews That Land the Offer

Boomers Going Solo: It’s Your Time to Launch!



Discover Your Calling…Not Just Your Career!

Too often in our jobs we end up falling into “stop gap” roles because we are capable, but not completely engaged in what we are doing. In that situation, it all just becomes mere “work.” Who wants that?!? So, learn to stop just working and do what you love! Once you figure out your passion, learn how to develop a robust brand through your resume and LinkedIn summary so that employers know what you want to do, not only what you’re capable of doing.

In this workshop, Shira will lead you through her proprietary “Passiontivity Exercise,” which will help you better understand the professional skills you actually use (or do not use) and those we would like to grow. So, come learn how to move from being simply productive to enjoying passionate career success!

Resumes That Land in the “A” Pile

 In a job market where employers are looking for “purple squirrel” candidates with
“12 out of 10 skills,” how do you set yourself apart from the pack? The key is showcasing your brand in a way that aligns with the job posting. But first you need to know yourself – how your skills, career motivators and industry expertise intersect into a compelling narrative that puts your resume into the “A” pile.

Learn how to create a stand-out, eye-catching, content-rich resume in this A-Z session where Shira shares her ‘from-the-trenches’ perspective on how to get noticed…and land the interview. Don’t pass your resume off as being good. Make it great with the resources you’ll learn about in this presentation!

Interviews That Land the Offer

So you’ve made it through the fiery hoops of resume selection and are finally called in for that coveted interview. How do you stand out from your competition in a way that shows you are:

  • Competent without being a braggart
  • Professional without being slick
  • Enthusiastic without seeming desperate?

Whether or not you are personally working with a headhunter / recruiter like Shira to prepare you for the interview, in this presentation you will learn proven methods for demonstrating how hiring you will add to a company’s bottom line. Get the inside scoop from Shira, a seasoned recruiter whose proven interview preparation techniques will take you down the path of success toward landing the first-level interview, the second…and the final offer.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a search and recruiting insider who is driven to help you succeed—bring Shira and her fabulous presentation to your group!

Using LinkedIn like a Pro 

In recent years, LinkedIn has become THE primary tool used by recruiters and job seekers to find one another. You know that you should have a LinkedIn profile with tons of connections, but how can you use it for more than building a great contact database? In this engaging session, learn how to write a compelling summary, create a marketing list for your job search, prepare for interviews and even change careers! Come away with advanced search techniques that will unlock the capabilities of this powerful job search and online branding tool.

*This session is ideal for job seekers who have an existing LinkedIn profile with a significant number of connections.

Boomers Going Solo: It’s Your Time to Launch!

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’ve probably been in perpetual search for that elusive “stable” job which seems to slip through your fingers like jello. The concept of job stability has been evaporating over the last two decades as business competition has tightened and pension programs have vanished. Employers have become slower to hire and faster to terminate the moment revenues are down. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2020, approximately 50% of Americans will be contract workers.

Looking for real job stability? Consider starting your own business. Think it’s too expensive? Think again. Virtual technology tools have nominal costs and social media has made promoting your business a snap. If you have a passion to serve and want the freedom of unlimited earning potential, now is the perfect time to launch.