Purposeful Hire is excited to announce the launch of BoomerWorks, a social venture to help Boomers navigate the new job economy by transitioning their skills into “gig” (project-based) work in order to create long-term sustainable income.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020 approximately 50% of American workers will be in 1099 freelance roles. This growing trend is due to high overhead costs, and the resulting rise of outsourcing. Combined with an unconscious employer bias toward hiring workers between the ages of 25-45 years old, there is a clear demographic and economic shift shaking the ground beneath Boomers’ feet.

We’re here to help.

A multigenerational partnership between Shira Harrington (a Generation Xer) and Katherine Hoehn (a Baby Boomer), BoomerWorks currently offers “Boomer Boot Camps” to provide a peer community for long-term “in-transition” Boomers to explore this new world of work.

The future goal is to create an interactive database where Boomers can support each other online, and where employers can post their gig opportunities.

Shira and Katherine would love to hear from you with your ideas, volunteer support, and referrals of Boomers who could benefit from learning how to create long-term income through sustainable short-term work.

Check out what we’re up to! boomerworks.org