When you engage an experienced recruiter, you are investing in the long-range growth of your organization. Every employee should drive business results, whether you are a corporation or a nonprofit. In a successful executive / professional search, it is essential that the candidate be a great fit for the position and the organization.


To fulfill your search for extraordinary candidates, Purposeful Hire asks the following questions:

Is the candidate competent? A candidate must be able to do her / his job. We invest time evaluating your strategic and departmental goals and identify critical competencies required for a candidate’s success.

Is the candidate highly engaged? A candidate must want the job. Highly engaged employees are among the most innovative, and engaged employees are natural motivators in the workplace. Purposeful Hire places candidates in fulfilling positions so that they can help grow your bottom line.

Is the candidate a good cultural fit? Successful employees fit seamlessly into the organizational family. Purposeful Hire evaluates a candidate’s behavioral attributes to ensure that each hire adjusts beautifully.

An executive / professional search consultant must have strong interpersonal skills, excellent judgment, a commitment to follow-up, and clear ethical boundaries. At Purposeful Hire we offer recruiting and career coaching services, but we never mix the two. If your company uses us for a search, we will never recruit out of your company and we will not help your employees find new positions without explicit permission from your Human Resources department.

Purposeful Hire supports the integrity of the search and hiring process from start to finish by providing an authentic and transparent process. Shira models empathetic, professional communication in her dealings with search clients and candidates. The hiring process can be very stressful and emotional, so Shira eases search clients and executive / professional candidates through with honesty, hope, and compassion.

Shira places outstanding candidates with Associations and Nonprofits.

To get the best results, a search consultant must understand the nuances of the client’s culture and their business situation. Shira has a long and successful track record as an executive / professional search consultant specializing in the following practice areas:

Executive & Professional Search Practice Areas

  • Executive Leadership / C-suite
  • Executive Assistants
  • Government Relations / Regulatory Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Meeting Planning
  • Membership Services
  • Operations / Administration
  • Public Relations / Public Affairs
  • Sales / Business Development
  • Training / Professional Development