People don’t care how much you know,

until they know how much you care.


When you work with Shira you’ll answer deep questions about yourself, your passions, your goals, and your desires. To be most effective, a career consultant or coach must identify your needs before beginning to explore potential career options that will work for you. As Shira learns about you, the stage is set for a process of creative discovery that leads to aligning your goals with business results in a new position. You’ll become confident showing employers how they would benefit from choosing you over the competition.

In a tight job market, recruiters are inundated with hundreds of candidates for every job opening. Set yourself apart from other job seekers by highlighting your competencies in ways that clearly demonstrate how you will add value to your new organization’s business objectives. Shira Lotzar is a career consultant and a recruiting veteran who bases career change guidance, in part, on her practical understanding of employer mindsets. With her expert advice and consulting services you’ll be prepared to make it past a new employer’s gate keepers, interview successfully, and land the job.

5 Career Coaching Services for Job Seekers

Career Evaluation

When a career change looms or you find yourself in midst of a career transition, it’s a great time to explore your primary motivators and core competencies. Changing career direction can be unsettling, but when you realize the potential of your gifts and work with an experienced career consultant to create a new path forward you’ll move on with confidence.

Resume Redesign & Rebranding

Make sure that your resume effectively positions you for your next role by highlighting the important skills and capacities you’ll bring to your work. Creating a powerful resume on your own can be difficult; it’s always easier when you work with an experienced career consultant who is committed to helping you achieve your next success.

Interviewing Techniques

What will they ask? What will you say? Who could help you prepare for interviews more effectively than a career consultant who has conducted interviews as a recruiter for more than 20 years? No need to search for answers—Shira will teach you how to showcase your most compelling attributes to land the offer.

LinkedIn Summary Creation & Advanced Search Training

Did you know that LinkedIn is now THE primary tool used by recruiters and job seekers to find one another? Shira will write a LinkedIn summary that showcases your professional brand along with your unique value proposition. Beyond the experiences in your resume, employment prospects will know WHY you do what you do. In addition, she will teach you to navigate the Advanced search features of LinkedIn so you can network with others in your career “tribe” and create a robust marketing tool for your search.

Small Business Launch & Branding

Is it time to turn your W-2 paycheck into a small business of your own? With more than 1/3 of US workers already serving as freelancers, now is a great time to consider the freedom of going solo. A small business owner herself, Shira knows what it takes to create a thriving venture that solves a client’s urgent problems with authenticity and professionalism. Shira will help develop your marketing strategy, write a compelling website, and teach you business development techniques so that you can serve your clients with purpose.

50+ professionals! If you’re considering self-employment to supplement or replace your W2 employment, visit, a mission-driven, volunteer-led organization founded by Shira providing FREE educational resources to help you re-career into freelance or small business ownership.


  • Executives or those earning >$250,000 = $425/hour
  • Leaders or those earning $100,000 – $240,000= $350/hour
  • Professionals or those earning under $100,000 = $250/hour

**If you are in job transition and facing budget constraints, I would be happy to customize an affordable arrangement.


Payment may be made at the end of the session either by credit card or personal check when meeting in person. When meeting remotely, we’ll use PayPal or Venmo.


Balancing my career coaching and recruiting practices, I typically need to schedule coaching sessions 2-3 weeks out. However, I will do my best to accommodate last minute needs whenever possible. If you need to reschedule, please provide at least 3 days notice. You are welcome to call or text me at 703-508-9573.

When we work together I’m committed to being reachable and available, so never worry that it will be difficult to stay in touch. Email is great for scheduling, clarifications, and questions too.