“I can’t say enough about how amazing Shira Harrington was as our conference’s keynote speaker. Right from the start, Shira had the audience’s undivided attention with her unique ability to connect with our attendees. She’s very dynamic, and engaged our audience throughout the keynote session, enlightening them to the importance of knowing and understanding generational differences as they relate to their own local chapters and workplace settings. And she communicated in a way that our audience could relate to her. As the conference planner for my event, Shira worked with me and my conference planning team prior to our event to ensure our meeting & content objectives would be met, and I must say, Shira not only delivered, but hit a home run to win the game!”

Brian Taylor, Member Relations Manager, Oncology Nurses Society

“We engaged Shira Harrington to keynote at the 2014 annual convention of the National Agricultural Aviation Association. In preparation for her talk, she performed a comprehensive study to determine and understand the generational differences in the U.S. agricultural aviation industry. Shira was extremely thorough in performing the study of our industry. Her investigation and findings were delivered at our general session—the most widely attended session at the event. Her presentation was not only well-researched, detailed and loaded with great recommendations on how our industry can better relate amongst age groups, but her presentation style was dynamic, engrossing, entertaining and most informative. It was one of the most highly rated and substantive sessions we’ve had at our convention. She followed up the session with an equally absorbing article for our association’s bimonthly magazine that was equally well received.

Shira’s research, findings and delivery of both have helped our industry better communicate across generations helping our industry recruit new blood and improve customer service and organizational relationships.”

Andrew Moore, Executive Director, National Agricultural Aviation Association

“Shira did an amazing job with a presentation for my organization on bridging the generational gap (Diversity & Inclusion Awareness). The preparation was outstanding, and Shira even conducted Focus Group sessions with several employees! This was integral to her understanding the dynamics of our organization in order to provide us with a relevant presentation that was tied into our everyday environment. The group of attendees was engaged, and everyone who attended was extremely pleased with the entire event. Shira was amazing, and I would highly recommend her.”

Lee Mariano, Director, HR at SRA International

“Shira is an absolute font of wisdom regarding historical trendlines, present snapshots, and future forecasting on the outlook for employers regarding the effects of generational dynamics. I never knew how important Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Y, Baby Busters, Gen Nexters, or what I could see Shira introducing at her next speaking engagement—Gen  Texters—and their respective population percentages in terms of the U.S. labor force, could be to any company looking at long-term talent retention and replacement. But Shira has done nothing but, it would seem (though we know she does so much more), judging from her cautionary planning and preparation she professes with such panache and ingenuity that any audience is instantly rapt. She’s a great speaker for any corporate function where the topic of the future of the company—and who will be there to lead it—comes up. In other words, time horizons aren’t only stock planning tools. They’re succession planning for every company planning to exist for any length of time. Shira schools top executives on this issue and so much more, leaving them with more than a great speech—actual tools.”

Eron Shosteck, Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Media Relations, The American Bus Association

“Thank you so much for another terrific workshop on Managing a Multi-generational Workforce. As usual, you got wonderful reviews!”

Shaw Hipsher, Manager of Education & Training Center for Nonprofit Advancement

“I had a marvelous time listening to your seminar. You are quite witty and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love your charismatic approach to such a “now subject.” Best wishes with your endeavors. You truly have a wonderful gift…”

Jackie Ramstedt, President & Chief Motivational Officer, Ramstedt Enterprises, Inc.

“Your presentation was delightful and VERY informative!  And it’s clear you have a passion for the topic.”

Dayna S. Fellows, President, WorkLife Performance, Inc.

“Thanks again for your wonderful presentation. Everyone is still talking about it!”

Jan Brown, Human Resources, National Wildlife Federation

“Thank you so much! The presentation was well received and the information was very informative! Two of the participants are already getting started with information you presented!”

Kate Zando, Director, Finance & Administration, The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc.

“Once again, thank you for presenting the Managing Millennials Dialogue the other week. It was fantastic!”

Jay Snyder, Education & Membership Relations Associate, American Chamber of Commerce Executives