Because of your unique methods, and helping me focus on my real passions, I was able to easily recognize a position that was an ideal fit for where I want to be at this juncture in my career. I don’t think I would have seen the opportunity had it not been for your career counseling and individualized approach. You deliver, with care, compassion, and a connection to my needs. It is wonderful to meet a true “communicator and connector” in the maze of the job seeker environment so many of us pass through in our career. Thank you for being so helpful!

Karen Gebhart

Shira Harrington is truly a generational and cultural diversity expert, who listens, thinks on her feet, and proffers quick and constructive solutions to issues. She is an effective communicator who attracts and sustains the attention of her audience. As a multitalented job seeker, I sought Shira’s assistance to help me gather my thoughts, identify my high potentials, and arrange them into highly marketable skill clusters. Our discussion lasted for about an hour and thirty minutes. We had a very productive session, and I wished we could continue indefinitely! Many thanks to Shira for her immeasurable assistance and thoughtfulness, and I highly recommend her as a career consultant, public speaker, and executive recruiter.

Ola Anifowoshe, MS, MPA

Shira is the consummate professional, not to mention an incredible career coaching talent with a boundless reservoir of HR knowledge. She possesses that rare ability to strip away the veneer and get at the heart of your “professional matter”–in essence unearthing your true passion: that which you would do even if you didn’t receive compensation. I’ve always had a decent idea of the path I wanted my life to take, but as a person of many talents and interests, my focus was somewhat distorted. Shira helped realign my vision and repair my compass. As a result of working with her, I have achieved a level of certainty regarding my true calling that has both settled and emboldened me. I have already referred her to a couple of people and will continue to do so.

Thomas B. Nelson

Shira is an exceptional HR professional and an expert in finding the “perfect fit” for both the organization and the new hire.  Her extensive HR background includes executive coaching and she excels at focusing on candidates strengths and weaknesses which helps her find the perfect fit for her clients. Because she understands the importance of the organization’s culture, she can effectively identify the business skills needed to support the organization’s mission.  Shira knows that the organization and the candidate make a big investment when on boarding into a new environment and she balances the organization’s and the individual’s requirements and delivers a high return on the recruitment investment.

Jayne Somes-Schloesser, American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy