Purposeful Hire intentionally connects job seekers and employers through career consulting, executive recruiting and generational diversity training. The philosophy is simple: to every hire, there is a higher purpose. Let’s find yours together.

Founded in 2011, Purposeful Hire, Inc. grew from the passionate pursuit of job search excellence in organizations and in individual lives. Shira Lotzar, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer, understands the needs of employer search / recruiting and the challenges facing job seekers dealing with career change. Combining both services in one company required strict attention to ethics and the experience to understand and communicate the benefits for all stakeholders in the process.

Purposeful Hire promises that there will never be any cross-over between search / recruiting services and career consulting without the expressed permission of a client company’s HR department. Clients trust Shira to have their best interests at heart, and because she brings such professionalism to the process they are confident in the results.

About Shira Lotzar, Chief Engagement Officer of Purposeful Hire, Inc.

Shira--blue top 2015 (640x640)Shira is a connector—from childhood she’s loved bringing people together for their mutual benefit. While studying for her Masters in Public Relations at the University of MD, Shira realized that successful companies take employee stakeholders seriously and that she wanted to support this all-important stakeholder group through her life’s work. It felt difficult to achieve that goal in PR, so she tried HR instead and that still wasn’t quite right.

Happily, she started to work for a professional search firm and she began to focus on finding a great fit between job search candidates and businesses that offered fulfilling opportunities for candidates to pursue their career goals.

A volunteer leader in the Association and HR communities, Shira has served extensively with Washington DC area groups and remains dedicated to the value of ongoing professional development. She is a woman on a mission to help job seekers too, and her volunteer efforts in the community include working tirelessly to help job seekers come together, learn, and grow in various local groups.

Shira Lotzar believes that the integrity of the hiring process is just as important as the ultimate hire.

Shira founded Purposeful Hire to pursue her life’s passion—helping people and businesses connect for their mutual benefit and work towards the future they deserve.

The hiring / job search process is stressful and emotional for most people, so Shira focuses on creating a positive hiring experience for the company and the candidate—no matter which one she works for at the time. Client companies and job search candidates alike continually praise her dedication, resourcefulness, intuition, and analytical skills.

Shira believes that a hiring process should be authentic and transparent—so that everybody knows where everybody else stands. She is always careful to communicate loaded emotional information with a caring, honest, hopeful, and compassionate approach and is respected by all parties for her efforts.

Shira Lotzar’s Volunteer Leadership

BoomerWorks, Founder 

Human Resources Leadership Forum Former President and Programs Chair
Human Resources Association of the National Capital Area

Former Conference Director and VP, Programs

American Society for Association Executives

Founder and Facilitator, SAFE (Small Association Forum for Executives)
Former Member, Small Staff Association Committee

DCHRbrownbag Founder and Facilitator

Regular Speaker at These Washington, DC Area Job Search Groups 

40 Plus of Greater Washington
McLean Bible Church — Career Network Ministry

Jewish Social Service Agency