Benefit from Generational Diversity in Your Workplace

We have at least four divergent generations in today’s workplace—employers and employees are constantly dealing with growing gaps in multigenerational perceptions of appropriate workplace behavior.

What’s changed? With so many generations in the workplace, employers and staff face new challenges including: coping with different work ethics, values, expectations of work-life balance, approaches to teamwork, communication styles, and relationships to authority to name a few. New entrants to the workforce are increasingly accustomed to a global, technology-driven environment, while not-so-techno-savvy Baby Boomers are facing new economic realities and delaying retirement. Recruiting, retaining, and managing across generational divides can be a daunting task!

Purposeful Hire offers 1to 3hour workshops, keynote presentations, and staff trainings on Multigenerational Diversity. Programs are highly customized, and a typical agenda includes a presentation of multigenerational trends and industry-relevant case studies, discussions that generate practical “ah-ha!” moments, and exercises to help participants put it all in perspective.

Generational Diversity Presentations

Every generation has a contribution to make, and when we take the time to be compassionate and understand a situation from different perspectives our work lives are more fulfilling and our company culture becomes stronger. Don’t sit by and let the generations divide in the face of diversity! You can encourage your staff to come together in the face of tough business challenges and build on the talents and successful habits of all generations with a multigenerational diversity program from Purposeful Hire.

Bridging the gap between the rising…and the retiring generations!

In this presentation, you will gain valuable insights into WHY each generation thinks and behaves the way it does; learn what the current conflicts are and ways to resolve them; and gain key strategies for attracting, on-boarding, and retaining each age group, particularly the Millennial generation.

In this interactive session, you will learn:

  1. Who makes up the “Veteran” generation and how their influence and values still shape our current workforce.
  2. How perceptions differ between older and younger workers in such areas as: loyalty, work ethics, work-life balance, and attitudes toward technology.
  3. About the expectations of Millennials and how to successfully incorporate this next greatest generation into your workforce.

Making it Stick: Engaging Your Millennial Workforce!

During the last 10 years, Millennials (aka Generation Y) were the newest entrants to the workforce, and they have had a profound impact on employee engagement strategies. Millennials challenge traditional thinking around the concepts of loyalty, work ethic, communication, technology, and work-life balance and demand that employers develop new tools to keep them engaged.

How is your organization adapting to the high expectations of Millennials? Are you resisting or flexing? Do you understand multigenerational diversity in terms of the implications for workforce planning? How are ‘old’ cultural and procedural mindsets affecting your ability to motivate and retain a critical mass of Millennial employees?

Invite Shira to present at your next event, and enjoy a robust discussion surrounding the issues that will continue to impact your organization as Baby Boomers retire, Gen-Xers assume leadership roles, and Millennials—all 80 million of themmake their indelible mark on the workplace of the future.