Director, Communications & Media Relations

Steel Manufacturers Association

You’re committed to advancing environmental sustainability. So are we.

At SMA, we’re passionate about promoting steel as the new green. Our members represent a growing, clean segment of the steel manufacturing industry which produces Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel – vastly more energy efficient and lower carbon emitting than traditional steelmaking. EAF steel is made using electricity to melt scrap steel and other recyclable metals, which means that beyond the improved environmental impacts, EAF steel can be produced at higher efficiency and with more flexibility than blast furnace steel.

But don’t just take our word for it.

An independent study conducted by the Commodity Research Unit validates that steelmaking by EAF manufacturers in the U.S. produces 75% lower carbon emissions. And it’s 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Now you can see why we’re so excited about the real, positive impact we’re making on the environment!

Ready to tell our story?


Frankly, we’ve been “hiding our light” for too long. For decades our industry has been leading the way in sustainable steel manufacturing production without the recognition for the part we play in setting the worldwide pace in the sustainable production of lower carbon steel.

Now it’s time our key stakeholders know we’re part of the green solution.

That’s where you come in.

You’ll be a vital voice in shaping and executing a new communications strategy that leverages traditional and digital media to reach our end-users (steel executives, particularly in the auto and construction sectors), government officials, and NGOs.

Your ultimate job is to help us continue to make an impact on our environment and economy by shining a light on how sustainable steelmaking is on the forefront of modernizing and decarbonizing the domestic steel industry.


  • As our first-ever Director of Communications & Media, you’ll create a communications strategy and infrastructure that leverages multi-media channels to promote the green EAF story.
  • You’ll engage with a variety of media outlets: trade, national, regional, and political, to expand our media coverage and help us become the go-to journalist resource on sustainable steel topics.
  • You’ll partner with our government affairs team to show government officials (both elected and regulatory including USTR, Commerce, EPA, and DOE) that with the right policies and appropriations, we can continue our great work in sustainable steelmaking.
  • You’ll reinforce our messaging through a constant stream of fresh content through our website, social media, fact sheets, blogs, newsletter, association videos, trade show collateral, advertising campaigns, and speeches for our board president and our CEO, both highly sought-after speakers.


  • A communications strategist and content developer who can craft and execute a vision for media relations and stakeholder engagement.
  • A brilliant storyteller and environmental enthusiast who can capture the hearts and minds of readers with compelling messaging.
  • A systems thinker who can create a communications infrastructure that leverages KPIs, scalable processes and innovative technology.
  • A fun-loving, high-energy collaborator who enjoys a good team huddle, and sometimes a good ribbing. 🙂


Our team of five (with you, six) is a super collegial, fast-paced, and humorous bunch, passionate about telling our American success story. In our work-hard-play-hard environment you’ll find us enthusiastically attending to the needs of our members…and sometimes attending a Nats game. It’s all part of being in the SMA family!


Because we believe that bonding happens best in person, we offer a hybrid, flexible work schedule with a goal of 3 days/week in our DC office. We’re happy to customize your schedule based on occasional personal circumstances that may arise. And you’ll need to be available to travel several times per year to trade conferences, steel mill visits, and board meetings.


$135,000 + discretionary bonus


Email an artfully-crafted cover letter explaining your passion for advancing sustainability through compelling communications, a customized resume, and two writing samples to Shira Lotzar with Purposeful Hire at